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Winter Tires for the GTA

Winter Tires


Perhaps more specialized and important than many think, winter tires are available to a wide range of vehicles that may encounter a variety of winter terrain, like ice, slush, freezing rain and snow. Without winter tires, your vehicle may not be well-equipped to handle the cold months and could potentially put you and your family in danger. At North York Tire Auto, we want to keep all of our customers in the GTA safe by providing some of the best winter tires in the industry.


Sedans, coupes, compact cars and even vans can reap the rewards from winter tires from Michelin, and Michelin's BF Goodrich and UniRoyal lines. Both wet and dry winter conditions are easily driveable with the stud-less ice and snow winter tire line, and the grooves placed throughout each tire’s exterior allow for water, slush and snow to be dispelled as you drive.


Snow traction is improved when you’re deep in mud or snow with tires from Hankook. These tires are great for both off-roading and winter driving conditions. By combining SUV tires with winter tires, tires like the Winter i*cept evo2 are perfect for both your SUV year-round and your winter driving.


The staggered rubber on many of these tires diminishes noise and improves performance on dry pavement. These Korean tires also offer strong performance in both slush and snow, and give those rebels who love the challenge of winter driving an enjoyable ride.

North York Tire Auto offers a wide variety of makes and models of winter tires from a selection of brands. To learn more, visit us today or call and ask about our winter tire brands.

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