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Our Mechanics Know Tires



Keeping your precious cargo safe while driving comes down to the vehicle’s tires regardless of whether you’re driving suburban roads, highways or in off-road conditions. If your existing treads are worn down and it’s time to replace your tires, drive in to North York Tire Auto. We have brand name tires at prices that will leave money in your pocket for your next adventure!


Many of Michelin’s tires can double as winter tires and are compatible with the icy roads typical of an Ontario winter. Long tread life, backed with chip and tear resistance accompany tires like the Defender® LTX® M/S, as well as other Michelin quality tires.


Up your fuel savings with SUV and crossover tires like the Hankook Dynapro HP2. Hankook tires offer high performance handling and are able to grip the road in a multitude of conditions such as icy roads or muddy terrain.


Tough tires with high mileage warranties come with a Kumho tire purchase. The ECSTA line of tires makes for comfortable rides and uses advanced technologies to retain tread life. These tires are also backed by Kumho’s 80,000 km warranty so you know your tire treads will last.

Along with these brands, North York Tire Auto also has a wide variety of brands and models of tires such as bestsellers Sailun and Yokohama to make it easier to find the perfect fit for your vehicle. Visit us today and get a quote on a set of SUV tires from one of our helpful staff members.

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