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Looking for High Performance Tires?

High Performance Tires


High performance tires available at North York Tire Auto are designed for speed and traction. These durable tires bring out the best in high performance vehicles in Toronto.


Exceptional braking on both wet and dry land and a quiet, comfortable and duel-efficient ride are just some of the features designed into tires like the Michelin Pilot® Super Sport. We offer a variety of Michelin tires that are perfect for your high performance sport vehicle.


Hankook high performance tires are some of the longest lasting on the market, while boasting a comfortable ride and low tread noise while driving. These tires come in a selection engineered for today’s growing number of sports sedans and coupes.


Kumho high performance tires feature tight steering response and an extremely tight grip while accelerating, along with stability around corners and a top-notch braking performance. The combination of handling, speed and grip along with our Kevlar-infused tires lead to peak performance of high performance cars.

We also offer a selection of high performance tires manufactured by Sailun, Yokohama, and other reliable brands as well. Come to our shop to take a look at our variety of high performance tires and get a quote from one of our helpful staff members today.





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