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Luxury Performance Tires in North York and the GTA

Luxury Tires


If you’re looking for a safe, comfortable ride in your luxury performance vehicle, look no further than North York Tire Auto. We have been serving North York and Scarborough for 20 years. Our luxury tires feature enhanced driving performance and advanced technology to give you an excellent ride in your premium luxury vehicle.


Reduced rolling resistance, fuel efficiency and an eco-friendly performance accompany Michelin luxury performance tires. The MX4V line of touring tires is perfect for drivers and passengers alike who want a smooth and peaceful (or exhilarating!) experience in both wet and dry conditions.

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Great prices, delivered from Oakville to Oshawa

Wholesale Tires


Light truck tires from All Tire Wholesale are made for durability and toughness, and generally have long lasting wear. These tires can handle the weight of your light truck’s loading capacity by protecting your suspension and easily maneuver between seasons and terrains throughout the GTA.

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Our Mechanics Know Tires



Keeping your precious cargo safe while driving comes down to the vehicle’s tires regardless of whether you’re driving suburban roads, highways or in off-road conditions. If your existing treads are worn down and it’s time to replace your tires, drive in to North York Tire Auto. We have brand name tires at prices that will leave money in your pocket for your next adventure!


Many of Michelin’s tires can double as winter tires and are compatible with the icy roads typical of an Ontario winter. Long tread life, backed with chip and tear resistance accompany tires like the Defender® LTX® M/S, as well as other Michelin quality tires.

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Wheel and Rim Installation and Purchase

Wheels and Rims


If you’re looking for high performance rims or wheels for your car, truck, SUV or luxury vehicle, the auto mechanics at North York Tire Auto in North York offer a wide selection for you to purchase and install. We offer wheels and rims for almost any application, whether you’re looking for alloy or steel rims for your car, or want to upgrade your truck’s appearance with black or chrome rims. We have what you need to make your car stand out on the road.

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